Recently, I blogged about my dining experience in Oh, My Gulay, which is an art space for Baguio artists and at the same time, a vegetarian restaurant.  It was a pleasant dining experience for me as I was able to savor both art and the yummy food they served.

On the other hand, I also wrote about visiting Balay ni Tana Dicang in Negros Occidental and got the feel on how to live like a sugar baron, ca. 1883!  the house was just awesome!  It was full of antique furniture and everything was well preserved!

Join me in my explorations in the future!

On my last post for May in Mono-logues, I featured a tire repair man in his late 50s and i talked about moving on.  I guess, we all need to go on despite some obstacles that we face along life's road. 

On my trip to Atok, Benguet, I reminisce about the thrill of traveling through a dangerous road just to see the mummies of Kabayan, Benguet.  It was one of the most simple yet fulfilling trip I have had in my life.  It just felt good on top of a mountain.  We planned to scale Mt. Pulag this May but things did not work out.  It is already rainy season and rains do not augur well for mountain climbing.

Anyway, I will be updating my Explored! blog more often now.  I have had so many stories to share and pictures to show.  I hope you come back always to explore with me.

While I keep three other blogs, I still find this useful to help you navigate through my website and look for something interesting posts in my other three blogs

Anyway, I have made several changes in my blogs:

In "Explored!".  I find the new head banner quite interesting and more of me.  It was taken while trekking mt. Kanlaon in Negros Occidental.  I have recently featured Aliwan 2011 as my recent destination.  Please do check out for my upcoming post on my trip to Negros Occidental and Cordillera.

I changed the layout of Inkblots: Life as it happens.  It looks nice and dandy in its new white background and more navigational links. Do check out my latest post, which features another exhibit I am participating.  I recently won a photo contest and I am just so happy to share it with you.

Mono-logues is still thriving.  I guess this is now the most popular blog I maintain, with 230 facebook friends following it.  It has found its market niche.