On my last post for May in Mono-logues, I featured a tire repair man in his late 50s and i talked about moving on.  I guess, we all need to go on despite some obstacles that we face along life's road. 

On my trip to Atok, Benguet, I reminisce about the thrill of traveling through a dangerous road just to see the mummies of Kabayan, Benguet.  It was one of the most simple yet fulfilling trip I have had in my life.  It just felt good on top of a mountain.  We planned to scale Mt. Pulag this May but things did not work out.  It is already rainy season and rains do not augur well for mountain climbing.

Anyway, I will be updating my Explored! blog more often now.  I have had so many stories to share and pictures to show.  I hope you come back always to explore with me.

While I keep three other blogs, I still find this useful to help you navigate through my website and look for something interesting posts in my other three blogs

Anyway, I have made several changes in my blogs:

In "Explored!".  I find the new head banner quite interesting and more of me.  It was taken while trekking mt. Kanlaon in Negros Occidental.  I have recently featured Aliwan 2011 as my recent destination.  Please do check out for my upcoming post on my trip to Negros Occidental and Cordillera.

I changed the layout of Inkblots: Life as it happens.  It looks nice and dandy in its new white background and more navigational links. Do check out my latest post, which features another exhibit I am participating.  I recently won a photo contest and I am just so happy to share it with you.

Mono-logues is still thriving.  I guess this is now the most popular blog I maintain, with 230 facebook friends following it.  It has found its market niche.

Whenever possible, and whenever there are interesting subjects along the way, I manage to take some photos while on travel.

Some might find my article about Vigan, funny.  Well, it is supposed to be so.  While the photo taken in Lagawe is a memorable shot since it was my first street photo.

Read on at Mono-logues.
In the past weeks, I have written new entries in Mono-logues.  These are the following:

Searching - where I pay my moral obligation for a mother who is looking for her long-lost son;
Part of a whole - discusses some of my thoughts on the recent Manila hostage incident; and
Matthew 6:26 - makes me realize some more important things in this world.

I hope you like my new blog entries.  Read on...
It is raining and I cannot help but go back down to memory lane.  My new post in Mono-logues reminisces about the feeling of having a brand new DSLR camera in a place I will always cherish.  READ ON...