Finally, I have come to terms on how to use the blog function of Weebly.  So here I am guiding you through on what has been going on with my 3 blogs and photography activities for the past months.
  • I admit I have not been active in my travel blog.  It is just not easy to maintain a travel blog, especially when you are limited by financial constraints.  I have managed to have some travels in the first six months of 2010, but I still need to find time to write all those stories which I have accumulated.  Nonetheless, you may want to know about the Monasterio de Tarlac which I visited last April 2010 during the Holy Week, where I saw the Arqueta encasing the Relic of the Cross of Christ.
  • Kulimlim sa Pola, and Peace are my recent takes in Mono-logues.  Kulimlim tells more about how I maximized a rather gloomy day into a photographic opportunity, while In Peace, I pay tribute to the observance of the Holy Ramadhan.  Moreover, the article SOOC (straight out of camera) might be of interest to you too.
  • After the elections, nothing much has been happening in Inkblots: life as it happens.  Perhaps it was the election fatigue.  But I managed to spring back with my articles on Panata sa Pagbabago, and a photo/video production aptly titled "A People's Victory" on the Presidential Inaugural last June 30, 2010, which I also posted it here. Lately, I have exercised my brain in my take to yet another threat to intellectual property rights.
  • In my photography, I am beginning to learn more about high dynamic range (HDR) photography.  You might want to visit THIS SET in Flickr.
Thank you and please do come back from time to time for more updates.

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