While I keep three other blogs, I still find this useful to help you navigate through my website and look for something interesting posts in my other three blogs

Anyway, I have made several changes in my blogs:

In "Explored!".  I find the new head banner quite interesting and more of me.  It was taken while trekking mt. Kanlaon in Negros Occidental.  I have recently featured Aliwan 2011 as my recent destination.  Please do check out for my upcoming post on my trip to Negros Occidental and Cordillera.

I changed the layout of Inkblots: Life as it happens.  It looks nice and dandy in its new white background and more navigational links. Do check out my latest post, which features another exhibit I am participating.  I recently won a photo contest and I am just so happy to share it with you.

Mono-logues is still thriving.  I guess this is now the most popular blog I maintain, with 230 facebook friends following it.  It has found its market niche.

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